Unveiling Levo’s One-Click Postman Collections: Transforming API Testing Forever

June 28, 2024

Unveiling Levo's One-Click Postman Collections: Transforming API Testing Forever

Are you tired of the manual grind of constructing curl requests or Postman collections to test APIs from your sprawling API ecosystem?

Whether you’re in a lean startup or a global enterprise, you might be working with dozens, if not hundreds, of API endpoints at any time. Postman is a great tool to test APIs. However, manually authoring Postman collections for hundreds of APIs, especially if those APIs have been around for a while, is an efficiency killer. We have heard that people are incrementally building their collections over time, but it takes forever for them to have all endpoints in the collection. Needless to say, some endpoints get out-of-date too.

Authoring API requests takes time due to the precise selection of API parameters and request payloads. Every endpoint has its own schema, request model and parameters. Add the variability of payloads based on specific test users, and you’ve got yourself a perfect storm of complexity. Imagine doing this for hundreds of API endpoints? Levo eliminates this maze.

Enter Levo’s new feature that’s here to save the day—and countless hours of your time.

Levo’s eBPF-powered instant observability solution discovers and documents all your existing APIs automatically. No code changes needed from your side, and you don’t even need to restart your applications. Then, you could export OpenApi specs for all of your applications. To take it to the next level, we have added a new feature to provide an instant Postman collection of all your APIs with a single click.


Let’s see this in action. You can watch it here if the video doesn’t load here.

How Does It Work?

Postman collections are generated based on traces collected from your existing API activity. Levo’s eBPF sensor can be installed without any changes to your applications in minutes. See our docs for instructions. Once the API traffic is captured, our unique user attribution technology adds the context of the environment, Kubernetes cluster, cloud infrastructure, and the end-user for each API call. The end-user context allows Levo to group the API calls in a flexible way. A specific user’s API payloads are then used to generate the Postman collection for that user across all endpoints. Want to generate specialized collections for admin users and read-only users? Consider it done. Detail like this is more than convenient; it’s revolutionary.

Levo's high-level architecture

Debugging Simplified

It’s great to have features, but knowing how to use them is even more important. Here are some examples of how/where to use the new Postman collections feature.

  • Production Troubleshooting – Easily replicate API issues in a production environment for specific users.
  • API Testing – Quick, efficient, and robust testing without any hassle.
  • API analytics – Easily pull data from various endpoints for analysis or reporting based on certain criteria.

Get Started – For Free

The coolest thing about Levo is that you can use it for up to 100 API endpoints for free. This means you can get started with Levo and generate Postman collections for your APIs right away without needing to put in a credit card.

It has never been a better time to upgrade your API testing and debugging to take them to the next level. Let Levo.ai take you into the future. Sign up here.

Happy API testing!

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