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API Observability's comprehensive API monitoring capabilities deliver unmatched insights into the entire API ecosystem. Find every API - Even the ones you didn’t know about.

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API Analysis and Inspection is an easy-to-use API analysis and inspection platform for every API in your organization.

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API Security

With, you can take proactive steps to identify and mitigate security threats before they occur. Using cutting-edge threat modeling and active testing, discover potential vulnerabilities and breaches.

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Observe and Secure your Applications Like Never Before with Levo

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Flexible Deployment Options

8 different ways to discover APIs

Sensitive Data Discovery

Real-time sensitive data tracking and proactive notification of data leaks

API Governance as Code

API Governance as code to enforce standards and best practices

CI/CD Integrations

  • Github
  • Jenkins
  • Docker

Support Industry Standards

  • Postman Collections
  • OpenApi Specifications

System Integrations

  • Jira
  • WebHook

Vulnerability Management

Prioritize application security vulnerabilities and get them to developer backlogs and integrate with dev support tooling


Scales with 1000’s of services