Oleg Gryb

Velocity is a critical factor for all fintech companies. It’s essential for any security vendor operating in this space to adapt to it. Because fintech companies develop their systems uniquely, standard security frameworks may require adjustments to align with specific organizational requirements.

Chaithanya Yambari

Security can no longer be an afterthought right now. With the current influx of security incidents, security must always be built into the product code and architecture. I recommend Levo to enterprises because they approach API security with a similar mindset.

Saran Makam

As an early customer of Levo, I can confidently say that our partnership has been transformative. Their eBPF sensor is a game-changer for gaining valuable insights into our external, internal and 3rd party APIs as well as data moving across channels.

Hemanth Kumar Mangalore

Before partnering with Levo, we had limited visibility into our APIs. However, their team has assisted us over the past year with API discovery and documentation and testing, maintaining data privacy, and regulatory compliance.

elliptical light
  • Runtime Agnostic
  • Cloud Agnostic
  • Programming Language and Framework Agnostic

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