API Security Testing on Autopilot: Schedule Automated Tests

June 13, 2024

API Security Testing on Autopilot: Schedule Automated Tests

In the world of software development and security testing, time is of the essence. At Levo.ai we have already simplified the way security testing is done, and help you identify vulnerabilities on all your APIs with a single click. But we also understand that even this manual intervention for testing your important APIs every time you change them is susceptible to oversights. It’s incredibly easy to miss vital tests and release your APIs with vulnerabilities that can leave you exposed to cyber attacks. That’s why we’ve introduced Schedule Tests, a feature that empowers you to:

1. Optimize Test Execution

Now you can schedule security tests on your APIs to run at your preferred times. Whether it’s nightly regression tests, weekly sanity checks, or specific tests to coincide with your development cycle, you’re in control.

2. Eliminate Manual Intervention

No more late nights waiting for tests to finish or last-minute checks before a release. Schedule Tests automates your testing process, allowing you to focus on other critical tasks.

3. Improve Test Consistency

With scheduled tests, you can ensure that the same tests are run at consistent intervals, reducing the risk of missing important issues. Once you schedule the tests for an application, all your new endpoints will be covered in the tests, and you can just set and forget your App’s Security Testing.

How Does It Work?

Using the Schedule Tests feature is simple.

1. Configure Tests: Click on Run Tests for the Application. Select the endpoints you want to run tests for, or run for all runnable endpoints. The Levo Test framework will display all the categories of vulnerabilities for which your endpoints are susceptible to, eg. CORS, SQL injection, BOLA, Rate Limit etc.

2. Create Schedules: Define your testing schedule with a Cron Expression. You can set up daily, weekly, or custom schedules to match your development cycle.

3. Relax and Automate: Once your schedules are in place, the system will automatically execute the tests for you at the specified times. You can check the tests you have scheduled in the Scheduled Tests tab on the application page.API Web Application Firewalls (WAFs)

4. Receive Reports: After each scheduled test run, you can check detailed reports in the Test Runs page. You can delete the schedule when you no longer need it.

Watch the Demo below

Who Benefits from Schedule Tests?

1. Security Testing Teams: Security professionals can now plan and execute tests more strategically and free up their time for exploratory testing and complex scenarios.

2. Development Teams: By ensuring that tests run automatically, development teams can have continuous feedback, catching and addressing issues early.

3. Release Managers: Maintain control over testing schedules, ensuring tests are executed in alignment with project milestones.


The Schedule Tests feature is a game-changer for your security testing processes. With the power to automate test execution, you’ll improve your testing consistency, catch vulnerabilities, and ultimately release higher-quality software faster.

Ready to give it a try? Log in to your account or book a demo and explore the Schedule Tests feature today. We can’t wait to hear about the impact it has on your testing workflow.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and features coming your way soon.

Happy testing!

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