Introducing Dynamic Endpoint Tagging

June 13, 2024

Introducing Dynamic Endpoint Tagging

We are excited to announce the launch of our innovative feature that empowers users to categorize API endpoints using dynamic rules/logic. This feature enables our users to employ Python code to tag endpoints in the system, thereby enhancing classification.

Let’s delve into some practical scenarios to illustrate the utility of this feature.

  1. A client wished to restrict specific API endpoints to their VPN or network but was uncertain about their categorization. With just a few lines of Python code, they leveraged our dynamic tagging feature to automatically tag all endpoints accessed within the VPN versus those accessed externally. This streamlined the identification of internally intended endpoints accessed externally, saving them considerable time and promptly addressing potential risks.
  1. Another client aimed to implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) on crucial API endpoints but needed confirmation of its enforcement. Our dynamic tagging feature rescued them, enabling them to group all the endpoints requiring MFA and identify those without it. They then collaborated with their developers to rectify this issue swiftly.

This feature is implemented as a simple function that accepts HTTP messages as input and generates tags from them, which are then added to the corresponding endpoints.

Here’s a glimpse of the said function:

def tag_endpoint(har_entry):
  request = har_entry.request
  response = har_entry.response
for header in response.headers:
if == "x-powered-by".casefold():
return {"service": header.value}
return {}

This tag shows up on the endpoint in the catalog:

To create your own Tag Functions, navigate to the “Settings” page on the Levo dashboard and click on the “Add Tags Configuration” button under the “Dynamic Tagging” heading.

The above instances highlight just a few applications of our dynamic tagging feature. However, our users have discovered numerous ingenious ways to leverage this feature.

We offer a complimentary product for up to 100 endpoints, so sign up and try it! 

We are always here to assist you if you devise any intriguing use cases or have any queries. 

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