Forever Free API Security Testing

November 6, 2023

Forever Free API Security Testing

Harish Nataraj

April 4, 2022 · 2 min read

APIs: The modern attack surface.

APIs are the lifeblood of modern business, making them attractive targets for hackers. Hackers exploit common authorization and business logic vulnerabilities in APIs to gain access to valuable customer data.

Vertical Authorization Exploit

Horizontal Authorization Exploit

Securing APIs in agile environments is challenging.

Modern development teams ship software (APIs) frequently to production, enabled by automated integration, and regression tests that run in CI/CD. These tests provide a tight feedback loop, guaranteeing the robust delivery of critical business functionality to production.

However, runtime security testing (pentesting) is largely disconnected from the pace of modern development and conducted in a very episodic manner.

Scaling security coverage in agile companies is only possible by empowering developers to easily discover, triage, and fix API vulnerabilities before they make it to production servers.

Build secure & resilient APIs with Levo’s forever free product

Levo is a purpose-built, developer-first API security solution that fully automates API penetration testing in CI/CD pipelines. Levo auto generates security tests that are run, in a self-serve manner similar to unit and integration tests.

Unlike conventional security scanners, Levo identifies sophisticated API vulnerabilities like Horizontal Authorization Abuse, Vertical Authorization Abuse, and Business Logic Abuse. Levo also provides full coverage for OWASP API Top 10.

Signup for a forever-free plan here.

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